two helping hands

Both kids have been really into helping with household tasks lately. Amy’s been doing the dishes (and quite well I might add) and Elliot’s been helping me with laundry and sweeping.

Amy just thinks it’s something fun to do, but Elliot really wants to help. He specifically asks: is there anything I can help you with, Mum? There are definitely jobs he likes better than others…if I mention anything about cleaning up his room he doesn’t want to do it, but if I ask him to go get the laundry from the dryer, he’s all over it. He carries the laundry basket downstairs, opens the dryer and takes out all the clothes, and then carries the basket back up, full. I’m pretty impressed with his strength.

Both kids are quite good about clearing their plates away after dinner. Elliot almost always does it without being asked, and Amy now (after a few months of sticking to our guns) does it without a tantrum. And sometimes without being asked. 🙂

I know it’ll change at some point and these things really will become chores for them, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

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