i’m not sure i’ll have time for this!

I have now done two guest posts for Awesome Mommies (the second one is here), and they have asked me to come on as a regular blogger. I am feeling pretty good about this — I have always loved writing, and to have some positive feedback from people I don’t know means a lot.

They asked me to post once a week. Much as I would love to do that, I have enough trouble getting my “real” job done (that would apply to both my professional life and my personal life) in the hours allotted to me, so I will be posting every two weeks instead. It’ll be a bit of a challenge, both finding the time and thinking up topics, but I think I’m up for it. The thing about posting on a site that’s not my own is I take a bit more time with my posts and actually think more about my structure, audience, grammar etc. It’s good for my brain.

So stay tuned!

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