It’s been a slow, painful decline over the past few months, and now Elliot’s down to two pairs of pants and four t-shirts that he’s willing to wear. Thankfully the t-shirts are somewhat presentable, because Pair of Pants “A” are a size three pair of grey sweats with cuffs that are too short and knees you can see through, and Pair of Pants “B” are a blue pair of sweats that are baggy and very clown-like. I can understand his aversion to jeans, but he’s got other pants that aren’t jeans that he refuses to wear. And when I say refuse, I mean all out screaming refuse. I just don’t go there any more…I do laundry instead and make sure Pants A and B are clean.

As for t-shirts, again I don’t understand it. Especially because many of the t-shirts he refuses to wear he wore quite happily two months ago. I realize part of a preschooler’s makeup is to try to exert some control, but I ran out of patience on this one about three weeks ago.

So. On to the point of my post. I thought a workable solution would be to find some more sweat pants for him. But can I find any in this city? NO. And don’t tell me it’s the wrong time of year because I HAVE found fleece pants. And yes, he’ll wear those, but it’s a bit hot for them right now. I’ve been to several different places, including consignment stores, and have come up empty-handed.

So if anyone sees a size four pair of sweat pants in their travels, BUY THEM. PLEASE.

As an aside, Amy also refuses to wear jeans, but it’s not an issue. Why? Because of cotton leggings. They are everywhere, they are cute, and they are comfortable. Thank God. One is all I can handle.

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