diary of a single parent: day seven

This one’s a bit late…it’s my post from the last day the Greg was away.
Last day. Greg will be home after dinner tonight. Yay!

This morning we woke up to rain. We were planning to walk down to the library, and it kindly stopped raining by the time we headed out. We took out a few books and a DVD for Elliot for tonight, and then stopped at the boat park on our way back. My friend and her three-year-old also joined us and the three kids had a good play in the park. They got nice and wet.

Back home we had hot chocolate and the kids played a bit longer. Amy, Elliot and I read a couple of Amy’s library books before Amy’s nap. She’s still in bed. She woke up for a bit when I had a shower but she’s gone back to sleep. I gave Elliot a haircut and he’s been watching TV for a couple of hours. I’m feeling too lazy to ask him to turn it off.

I had a bit of an early start to the morning as Amy woke up at 6:30, but I managed to stay in bed for another 40 minutes as she played in her crib. It was fun to listen to her.

We’ll have frozen pizza for dinner, and I’ll keep Elliot up to see Greg. Amy will see him in the morning. We’ll all be happy to have him home.

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