diary of a single parent: day six

10:30 seems to be a bit late to be starting a blog post…this might be short.

As I was putting Elliot to bed tonight I have to admit to feeling grateful that Greg will be doing this task tomorrow night. Although that might be wishful thinking as he’ll be tired from traveling. Sunday night then. It’s been a lot of work having both kids on my own, but I can’t say it’s been hard. I mean really…a week? I can’t complain. JenV can.

The day was good. We got out of the house in plenty of time for Amy’s doctor’s appointment. We were 10 minutes early, in fact. Which got me to thinking that I hate being early. It seems like a waste of time. I could have spent those 10 minutes playing with Elliot and Amy instead of rushing them along. Or better yet, sleeping. 🙂 Early is just not my style.

When we got home after daycare Elliot watched TV and Amy played with her kitchen. I didn’t realize she had a water bottle, and when I went into the living room there was water all over the coffee table and the tray that came with her dish set. Sure, Elliot’s quick to tell me when Amy hits him, but he fails to mention anything when she’s pouring her water bottle all over the furniture.

We had a small issue when I asked Elliot to turn off the TV for dinner, but we were able to get through it with no real drama. Dinner was tuna melts and tomato soup, and it’s always a good idea to pair tomato soup with bath night in this household, which I did. Both kids really enjoy their soup and it can get quite messy. Especially when Amy puts her whole hand into the soup instead of using a spoon. Thankfully she’s moved beyond putting her hand in her hair.

Elliot watched a bit more TV while I bathed Amy. She really didn’t want to get in the tub, but when I suggested she bring her tea set in with her, she was all over it. I had to drag her out after 20 minutes. Elliot climbed in near the end of her bath and had a good play while I put Amy to bed. He stayed in so long that he was freezing when he came out. Which of course produced some tears. I was able to wash both kids hair and I even cut Amy’s bangs. Did I mention that I’m super mum?

The past couple of days Elliot’s been bringing his three planes into the car with him on the way to daycare, and he’s been playing with them as if they are some sort of family. There is definitely a dad and a son. One of the planes is a fighter jet that makes some noise, and when he presses the buttons to make noise he starts saying “dance, dance”, and one of the smaller planes dances to the noise.

He and I have also been talking a lot about Travis, one of his classmates at daycare who hits and pushes a lot. I don’t know if Elliot gets the brunt of it because their cubbies are next to each other, or if Travis is an equal opportunist. But Elliot has definitely been in his line of fire. So lately when I’ve asked him if he’s had a good day, he says yes, and then says he wasn’t pushed or hit at all today. That sounds alarming, but the teachers seem to have it mostly under control, or as much as they can. I’ve taken the opportunity to talk to him a bit about the hitting/pushing and how Travis is younger and is still learning how to act. And he pipes up that he himself doesn’t hit or push at all anymore. That’s not entirely true, but I have to agree that it’s much better.

Anyway…one more day. Again, I’m hoping for a bit of a sleep in tomorrow morning. If not, maybe Sunday as Greg will be on Nashville time, and getting up at 6:30 will be like getting up at 8:30 for him. 🙂

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