diary of a single parent: day five

I am Queen of Single Parenting. We backed out of the driveway at 8:21 this morning. I asked Elliot to go up and get dressed after breakfast, and he came down two minutes later…ALL DRESSED. I convinced Amy to get out of her wet pj’s this morning with only a small tantrum…I could go on. The only wrinkle this morning was when I spilled juice all over Elliot and he had a total spaz. I think he thought he had done it.

Seriously, though, we had a good day. On the way home from daycare I realized I’d forgotten to get milk and fruit during the day. We were desperate for both so I spontaneously made a plan to go home, get changed and walk with the kids down to the grocery store. That made dinner complicated (like when would we eat), so we stopped and ordered fish and chips on the way to the grocery store, picked up our dinner on the way back, and sat in the “boat park” and ate. Although in the kids’ case it was cheese strings and chips, not fish and chips.

Elliot is old enough now to appreciate that this excursion was out of the ordinary, and he really enjoyed it. Amy did too, but it’s nice to see Elliot’s reaction when we do something special.

When we were walking down to the boat park, Elliot made up a game where if he was walking ahead of me, I had to pretend he was family (and say “hi family”), if he was walking beside me he was a neighbour (“hi neighbour”) and if he was walking behind me I had to say “I hear a noise behind me”. The mind of a four-year-old works in interesting ways.

On the way back Amy walked almost the entire way, and for the first time she actually made forward motion the whole time, and pretty much kept up with Elliot and I. It was much more enjoyable than constantly urging her to keep moving.

We got home just before bed time. I got Amy settled in and she didn’t cry at all when I left her room (something she’s been doing for the past few months), so I knew she was tuckered. I made the kids’ lunches while Elliot played for a bit, which meant I was done my duties at 8:00 tonight. At which point I sat down to work…like I’ve done almost every night this week. Exciting life that I lead.

Tomorrow Amy has a doctor’s appointment at 9:00 and I’m dropping Elliot off at daycare first, which means we have to be out of the house by 8:15. I’ve given Elliot a heads up of the plan, but that doesn’t always work. So we might have a stressful morning. But then the week’s done, Greg’s home Saturday night, and I’m a single parent no more.

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