diary of a single parent: day four

Best part of the day: Elliot reading “Good Night Gorilla” to Amy before bed.

Worst part of the day: There weren’t really any bad parts. Except maybe the six poopy diapers I changed. You read that right. SIX. A two-year-old should not be pooping that much.

We had a good day. Amy woke up just before 7:00 but didn’t start yelling “Muuum. Muuuum. Muuuum.” until 7:20. Elliot slept until about 7:45. While Elliot slept I tried to make muffins with Amy. What a disaster. I admit I don’t fully remember what Elliot was like when he just turned two, and I probably didn’t try to do stuff like bake with him yet, but I am pretty sure he wasn’t as into stuff as Amy is. Little grabby girl. She wanted everything I had. I eventually put some flour and water in a bowl, gave her a whisk and let her play with that. That kept her quiet for all of two minutes. Even just having her stand on the stool next to me is heart attack inducing. She has no concept of where her feet are. She didn’t fall, but that was just luck.

The muffins did get made, and they enjoyed them. Which reminds me that I forgot to put one in their lunch, which was the reason I made them. Hopefully now that I’ve written that down I’ll remember to do it.

We spent the morning with a friend and her three-year-old, as planned. Eating lunch with Amy was interesting as she was sitting in a regular seat, no booster. Did I mention that child doesn’t sit still?? She managed to eat without spilling too much. The kids had fun playing and then Amy fell asleep on the way home. I still put her down for a nap but I’m not sure she actually slept. Elliot watched TV for a couple of hours while I napped on the couch, and I heard a lot of noise coming from her room. She must have slept for some of it as I doubt she’d stay in there for two hours without sleeping, but it didn’t seem like it.

We had dinner, which neither child was really interested in eating. Elliot lasted 30 seconds at the table and Amy lasted about two minutes. I hadn’t even started my dinner yet. Elliot went upstairs to play but Amy wanted to hang around with me. I sat at the banquette to eat while she folded cloths next to me. I explained to her that she couldn’t come on my lap until I finished my dinner. She seemed happy enough. I was literally putting the last bite in my mouth when she looked at my plate, saw it was empty, exclaimed “Lap!” gleefully, and plopped herself right on my lap. It made me laugh out loud.

Both kids eventually ate more, although Elliot shed a few tears as I made him eat a minuscule amount of his dinner before he could have anything else. We somehow managed to make dinner a 90 minute affair, which doesn’t happen in our house. If the kids don’t eat when we sit down for dinner they tend not to eat at all. Not sure what happened there.

Bedtime went fine, and I sat down to work at 8:00 thinking I’d get a good two hours in but I saw my much-missed husband log in so I chatted with him for a bit and lost my momentum. It was worth it.

And now it’s off to bed for me.