diary of a single parent: day three

We backed out of the driveway at 8:40 this morning. Not bad considering we had to tidy up for the cleaning lady. (An aside: I frequently get asked why I tidy up for our cleaning lady. The answer is obvious to me. I pay her to clean, not to tidy. If she spends all her time picking up our clothes and the kids’ toys, then our floors and bathroom won’t get cleaned and it defeats the point of having a cleaning lady.)

The worst part of my day? Saying goodbye to Amy. She didn’t want me to leave and I handed her over to one of the teachers she doesn’t know very well. She was screaming bloody murder when I left, while Ashley tried valiantly to distract her. Apparently it didn’t last long. As soon as one of her regular teachers picked her up she was fine.

The best part of my day? When Elliot tidied up his room. All. By. Himself. He’s obviously paid attention to Greg and I when we tidy up on cleaning days, because he even went as far as to move big items from his floor to his bed so a proper vacuum could be done. I was very impressed. And I made sure he knew it.

Amy apparently was a bit teary today. I don’t know if she’s missing Greg or if this is all part of a separation anxiety phase. I guess we’ll see next week when Greg’s home. He called tonight and both kids talked to him. It was nice to hear his voice. Amy has asked every day: “Daddy home?” The one plus of this is I no longer have to hear: “Yoshi home?” and Elliot’s subsequent cheery response: “No, Yoshi’s dead”.

When we got home from daycare Elliot wanted to put on his pajamas right away, so of course Amy wanted to as well. Unfortunately those new ones I mentioned were really dirty. I diverted a meltdown when I remembered that she had another set of new two-piece pajamas that she got last year for Christmas that were too big for her then. I pulled those out and they did the trick. I have a feeling we’ll never get her in a sleeper again.

The new sets have short sleeve tops so I’ve been getting Amy to put on a long-sleeved top over them when she goes to bed so she’s not cold. I’ve just been using one of her regular shirts. Elliot was funny tonight because his only clean pj’s also had a short-sleeved top, and he requested a “daytime” shirt over top, just like Amy. We found one and put it on. I could tell he was uncomfortable with the two layers, so a few minutes later I told him he could take it off. He did. 🙂

Tonight was bath night and Amy seemed excited about it, but once she was in she started crying and wanted out. So we did the 15 second bath. Elliot had a bit more fun. I bought some new bubbles, and he started off by covering himself with them. Then the game changed to him dipping his hands in the bubbles, saying he was a snow angel, then flapping his arms and saying he was flying away. Bubbles would then splatter everywhere and he’d point to them and say “Awesome”. Repeatedly. Thankfully he was into his bath — when I picked him up at daycare this afternoon he was covered in dirt. Including his face. He mentioned something about dirt angels.

Tomorrow is my first Wednesday off since November. A “Mummy” day for the kids. When Greg lost his job I started working full time, always with the plan to go back to four days a week once he was employed again. So here we are. For the most part I’m looking forward to it. I was telling Greg the hardest part of taking care of the kids on my own is playing with them. Or more specifically playing with Elliot. There are lots of things I love to do with him, but playing cars in his room is not one of them. And he likes to do that a lot. I look forward to Amy getting a bit older so they can engage each other a bit more.

Anyway, tomorrow morning we’re heading off to a friend’s house, and we’ll be back here for Amy’s nap. Elliot will likely watch some TV while she’s napping and I’ll veg on the couch. Or work, depending on how I feel.

I’m off to bed now. As I tweeted earlier, I’m crossing my fingers that the kids sleep past 7 am.

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