san fran here we come

Part of the reason for this post is so my previous post about Yoshi isn’t front and center on my blog…it’s like a beacon to me and I keep re-reading it. Not exactly good therapy. Thank you all for the lovely comments that were left. It means a lot. But on to lighter things…

A few months ago my friend Mary Ann asked if I’d be interested in running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco in October. I had told myself if I ever did another half it’d have to be a destination one, and San Francisco seemed like a good destination for me, so I said yes. Last week eight of us entered the lottery to get in. Not sure what are chances are, and I’m not sure how disappointed I’ll be if we don’t get in. The last time I ran a half it hurt like hell. So I’m letting fate decide.

And speaking of fate…late week I happened to be sitting next to a co-worker reviewing some work with her when a WestJet deal popped up on her computer — $72 for 72 hours. She told me she had to go check it out. I looked over her shoulder as she did, and saw the Vancouver was one of the valid places to fly from, and San Francisco was one of the destinations. I checked the travel restrictions and everything fit with our plans.

So that night I phoned Mary Ann and three of the eight of us decided to book flights. The deal was too good to pass up. We got round trip tickets, all taxes included, for less than $250. Who cares if we’re running the race or not…four days in San Francisco sounds like a good idea to me!

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