hopefully the dust has settled

First it was Amy with a stomach virus that lasted five days. Thankfully it didn’t affect her happy demeanour too much, and thankfully Greg wasn’t working so he could care for her while she was banned from daycare. Then came me with the stomach virus. It was wretched. Then a week later Greg got a cold that hit him like a ton of bricks. Then came me, again a week later, with the same “cold”. It hit me last Saturday evening and on Wednesday I started to get suspicious as my throat was still really sore and I had no other cold symptoms. I went in and got swabbed. Fast forward four days and we’ve got two confirmed cases of strep in the household, a third suspected case, with a probable accompanying ear infection on that third case. So three out of four of us are on antibiotics.

I say hopefully the dust has settled, but with her brother and both her parents infected, I don’t think Amy’s got a chance in avoiding it. So I should probably be prepared to take at least a day off work this week.

The plus side is we’re all feeling better, and we survived Saturday night, in which Elliot’s fever was so I high I slept with him to make sure he was okay. I have never been worried enough to do that until now.