four? really?

Elliot turned four on Saturday. Every parent says how fast the time goes by, and it does, but this year for me it was the actual age that he was turning. Four just seems a lot older than three.

We celebrated by having pretty much an all-day party with Gramma, Auntie, Renee, Tia K and Lizzy. Presents were opened throughout the day and we had a tea party for lunch (complete with a train cake, pictures to come) and the birthday dinner of Elliot’s choice: pasta with tomato sauce and sausage. We’ll likely be having the same thing on Amy’s birthday.

The highlight of my day was watching Elliot and Lizzy play outside in the 10 degree weather in the sandbox with the Tonka toys. They had the water running into the sandbox and it was pretty much a lake. Elliot soaked through two sets of clothes, but Lizzy managed to stay pretty dry in her party dress. Although about halfway through she did request a change of footwear. Smart girl. At one point, Elliot was leaping off the edge of the sandbox into the lake, and then he’d run over to Lizzy (who at this point was watching from a distance) and she’d towel off the wet sand from his face and hands. Then they’d repeat the process. Seems like we’ve come a long way in the past six months, from a point where I wouldn’t have been comfortable leaving him outside alone with another child, even an older child, for fear it would end in him getting angry and hitting.

I really enjoyed the day, and am thankful that Elliot once again requested a family party. I think he had a fantastic time, and I’m sure he loved all the attention.

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