it’s just not right

Elliot and I headed out yesterday morning to join a friend and her daughter for a swim. It was meant to be a bit of a birthday celebration for both kids as their birthdays are three weeks apart. The morning was supposed to be about them, and they both were excited about swimming.

Turns out there is nowhere in Victoria to swim on Saturday mornings unless you put your kids in swimming lessons, or unless you are willing to get to a pool by 9 am (this is NOT how I want to start my weekend – rushing out of the house). I already knew this about Esquimalt Rec, but we were heading to Juan de Fuca and I didn’t think to check. We were turned away. While there I called Commonwealth Place, and they didn’t have anything available until the afternoon. The guy I talked to at Commonwealth was nice enough to check other schedules for me. He told me the Saanich pools would all have lessons, and when he checked Crystal Pool, they didn’t have anything until 11:00. (It was 10:00 at the time.)

I find this really annoying. Especially because our local pool, the one we can walk to, doesn’t provide a morning family swim on Saturday OR Sunday. You have to go in the afternoon. As long as Amy is still napping, this is not an option for us. Couldn’t they provide us with at least one day? And couldn’t Greater Victoria provide at least one pool open on Saturday mornings for a family swim?