Ottawa 2010: The Rest of Today

We did end up going tobogganing this afternoon. Elliot’s first time ever. We got to the top of a small hill which was basically an ice slide, he sat on the toboggan and went down. No hesitation whatsoever. He almost hit a tree once, but he was pretty good about rolling off at the right time. His sister refused to go.

Afterward I skated a bit with Amy at a small rink that was at the same park while Graeme and Hugh hit the puck around. Elliot wandered around on the ice for a bit in his boots and then went off with Greg to play in the playground. Amy also wanted to play in the playground but everything she tried made her cry, and I didn’t know why. So we came back to the house and left the boys at the park. I think she may have been cold.

Elliot and Hugh played all day together (no school for Hugh today), and boy, do they ever play well. It’s so cool to see. Graeme made some yummy pizza for dinner (did I mention that going home to our boring eating is going to be hard??) and Amy barely managed to stay awake for it. She was one tired girl tonight. Which made for lots of cuddles. When I was putting her to bed I sat her on our bed at one point to get some stuff ready for her, and she was so still I had to check to see if she was still awake. She was, but barely, and she was so tired she couldn’t even hold her drool in. 🙂

The kids are all nestled, I’m enjoying yet another glass of wine and about to dig in to some cherry pie. And some Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

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