Ottawa 2010: The Last Few Days

I thought I’d blog more often while we were here, but I haven’t really felt like it. Too much time spent playing in the snow, eating and drinking wine.

On Tuesday we went to the Children’s Museum. Elliot and I went there when we were here in October, and he enjoyed it even more this time around with Hugh as his tour guide. Amy also had a good time — her favourites being climbing in the Pakistani bus and an Austin mini, accompanied by many orders of “Mama, zsit!” (that’s not a typo).

On Wednesday Jan, Hugh, Amy and I went swimming. Elliot and Greg stayed at home as Elliot didn’t feel like going out. There was a small slide in the toddler pool and it didn’t take long for Amy to get the hang of it.

Wednesday afternoon the Verges arrived and we had a wild 24 hours with five kids in the house. On Thursday we visited the ice slides in Gatineau but as Greg mentioned in his post, it was a bit of a let down. Too many people, most of them misbehaving kids. I managed to go down one slide and it was fun, but not worth the wait.

This morning Greg, Amy and I had a short skate (and nap) on the canal, and we’ve had a pretty quiet day apart from that. I think we’re going to bundle up the kids and take them tobogganing this afternoon.

Amy needs some love…gotta go.

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