Ottawa 2010: The Plane

Years from now when Greg and I are traveling the world, I hope we never forget to appreciate how easy it is to travel without young children. Traveling with an almost four-year-old is okay. Traveling with an almost two-year-old is a lot of work. We left for Ottawa on Sunday at about 10 am Victoria time and arrived approximately 12 hours later. Amy woke up at about 7 am that morning and didn’t sleep until we arrived. She was awake for fifteen hours straight — her longest stretch ever. And then she slept for all of six hours that first night. Needless to say, everyone was a little tired yesterday.

The trip really wasn’t that bad, it’s just hard to entertain a little person who has the attention span of (surprisingly enough) a two-year-old when you’re in a confined space. The biggest hit were the iPod ear buds and the package of wipes. I’m glad I didn’t pack any toys for her. I knew they’d go ignored. We were blessed with no one sitting in front of me, so we didn’t have to worry when she played with the tray and whacked the touch screen on the seat ahead of me. Going home might be different. I was surprised that she didn’t sleep, though. Our flight home leaves a lot later and I’m hoping she’ll sleep a bit.

Elliot watched TV almost the whole time and was pretty low maintenance. And the three hour stopover in Vancouver went by fairly quickly. So like I said it really wasn’t bad…just tiring and we had to be “on” the whole time.

We appear to have adjusted to the time zone quickly, as is usual for the Fox family. Amy had a huge sleep last night and caught up on some of her deficit. I napped yesterday and was still able to fall asleep last night so I must have needed it.

We’re here for a week, and more posts will follow.

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