Ottawa 2010: The Canal

Yesterday afternoon we headed out to the Rideau Canal for a skate. Earlier in the day Greg and I went out to either rent skates or buy a secondhand pair. Greg walked out of the store with nothing and I walked out with a brand new pair of figure skates. Not exactly what I’d intended but they were on sale and cheaper to buy than rent for a week. And they are the most comfortable pair of skates I’ve ever put on.

It was a beautiful skate — it was sunny and about -5, so perfectly reasonable winter weather. We took Amy in the stroller and Elliot on the toboggan and despite a few tears, I think everyone had fun. Greg borrowed my brother-in-laws skate’s and will likely rent a pair later in the week.

I appreciated the fact that there were no crowds, as I’m pretty shaky on skates these days. It’s been a long time.

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