the facebook challenge

I don’t do Facebook. As you can see from this post, two years ago I couldn’t articulate why. I’ve thought about it a lot since then, and I don’t like Facebook because I believe it gives people an easy mechanism to act inappropriately. Specifically, abusing a relationship by having an inappropriate online relationship with someone else. Having been stung by this in the past, I’m a bit sensitive about it. But the internet in general gives people that ability, not Facebook specifically. So it’s not a very good argument.

It’s gotten so that I’m almost proud of the fact that I don’t have a Facebook account…that I’ve barely even seen what it looks like. Which is ridiculous because what is there to be proud of? There are things I should be proud of in my life and being anti-Facebook is NOT one of them.

So…and I say this with great hesitation…I’m considering it. I’ve had two kicks in the pants over the past 24 hours that have got me into this state. First, my dear friend K is torturing me by telling me she’s been posting every day on Facebook recently (I probably don’t even have the lingo right…do you “post” on Facebook?). Then there’s my dear friend B who tells me a tear-jerker story about how she reconnected with an old neighbour through Facebook — someone who was very near and dear to her heart.

With that in mind, I have a plan. If I can get ten comments on this post each telling me a story about how Facebook has affected you positively, I’ll at least take a good look over someone’s shoulder and see what I’m missing. I’m not committing to anything, I’m just saying I’ll seriously consider it. And I’m not talking about reconnecting with some long-lost third cousin, exchanging three messages with them and promptly forgetting about them again. I want some solid stuff here.

And you can post more than one comment. Because I know at least one of you has two stories to share.