Last day of NaBloPoMo. I went through my posts for this past month trying to find my favourite, and I don’t have one. I think I did a “better” job last year, but I had more going on. I can say that from a life perspective, I’m much happier this November than I was last November. I’m happily ensconced in my new home, my kids are sleeping through the night, I don’t have a ton of packing/unpacking awaiting me (although there is still some unpacking to do…one year later), and I’m enjoying being back at work. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best November for Greg, but hopefully December will be better for him.

If I do this again next year I will either use a theme to guide me, or post on the family site, as it seems I have little trouble finding something to write about when it comes to Elliot and Amy. The other thought I had was posting a picture every day (old or new) and writing about the picture.

We’ll see. For now, I’m signing off.

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