sue crocker

I baked today. Three times. I made pancakes for breakfast, cookies with Elliot right before lunch and cornmeal muffins with our soup for dinner.

My mother was a baker, and we always had something homemade and sweet in the house. I don’t remember ever seeing a box of store-bought cookies in our pantry. She taught me to bake early (I don’t remember learning) and as I got older I did more and more. Never anything fancy, just cookies, muffins and cakes. I continued baking for my first couple of years of university, but it came to a halt as I got busier with school. And then I just got out of practice and it became a chore.

So there hasn’t been a lot of baking happening over the years, and there’s been many a store-bought cookie crossing the treshold of our house. But I’ve recently started again. Partly because Elliot can now help me and it’s something we can do together, and partly because I don’t want to deprive my children (or myself!) of sweets — and if I can make them then I can control what goes into them.

This year for the first time since I lived at home I’m planning on doing some Christmas baking. I’m looking forward to having the house smell good, having Elliot help me with both the making and the decorating, and having goodies in the freezer I can pull out when I get the craving.