one month to go

Last Christmas wasn’t the best one for me — we had just moved, I didn’t feel like my house was my home, there was lots of unpacking to do, and Christmas mostly just got in the way.

This year I’m feeling like this is home, and I’m looking forward to having a good Christmas here. It looks like we’re going to have a busy December with lots of celebrating and visiting, and I’m thankful for that. We’ve got Greg’s office party this weekend, plus we have family visiting. Next weekend is my office party and some gingerbread house making with friends. Then we’re heading to the mainland in the middle of December to catch up with a few friends over there. We’re also hoping to have an open house here nearer to Christmas. We never had a house-warming, so we thought we might do an open house instead. We’ll see if we actually get our butts in gear to pull that off.

My mum will be here for Christmas morning and for a few days before, and we’ll be heading up to Greg’s mom’s Christmas afternoon for a couple of nights. And it looks like we’ll have plans for New Years as well.

And we’ll go to the Esquimalt Light-up, Greg will take the kids to the Truck Light parade, we’ll go see the Navy ships all lit up, we’ll take my Mum to Butchart Gardens and we’ll go see the Christmas trees at the Empress.

Oh, and on December 1st I’ll crack open the new Christmas CD I bought after listening to one of the tracks on the CBC.

Should be fun!

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