to him i’m an expert on everything

It’s somewhat frightening to me how much knowledge we pass on to our children, especially when they are young. When Elliot asks me a question or looks to me for confirmation on something, my response is gold. He takes my answer and files it away in that sponge-brain of his and he doesn’t (yet) question the accuracy of my response. He trusts the adults in his world to give him correct information.

Some of his queries are straightforward and I feel confident in my answers — a question like “How does the turn signal turn off?” is pretty easy to answer.

But then there are others that I have to think about before I can answer. “How did Amy get out of your tummy?” and “Why are some people good and some people bad?” aren’t exactly easy to answer. And the doozy from today: “Why do we say grace at lunch?” (his daycare has a religious component to it).

Thankfully he doesn’t require long explanations. And thankfully he hasn’t yet asked me how Amy got IN to my tummy.

And for the record, my response to why he says grace at lunch was he’s thanking God for his food. And I left it at that. For now.