my day so far

I dragged my butt out of bed at 6:04 to go for a run. Seven minutes into the run I fell. Hard. Knee bleeding, elbow, palm and ego bruised. I considered going home but needed to give Yoshi some exercise, so I thought I’d walk for a bit. I was eventually able to continue my run.

Then Elliot had an emotional breakdown after we asked him not to throw things at the breakfast table. He ended up flopping on the floor, asking to be picked up, but I requested he stand before I pick him up. He just continued to flop about on the floor like his legs wouldn’t work. I almost lost my patience but managed to hold it in check. Fifteen minutes later he finally stood up and I picked him up.

Elliot’s drop off was a bit difficult, especially when he realized I’d forgotten his water bottle at home. We got through it without tears, though.

While driving Greg to work I realized I’d forgotten my wallet at home. Thankfully I remembered before I dropped Greg off, because otherwise I’d have been stranded in the parking lot with no way to pay.

Then I got to the office and realized I’d forgotten my laptop in the car. Had to go back and get it.

It all could have been worse, but still…the day is kind of sucking so far.

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