because i haven’t complained enough on twitter

We now have enough prescription and non-prescription drugs in this house to open our own pharmacy.

Let me see…it started in late June with all of us getting colds. Elliot bounced back pretty quickly, Amy got an eye infection that they thought was pink eye, and Greg and I coughed up a few lungs.

Amy’s eye infection turned out to be H. flu. It went away and came back the following week. Greg and I continued to hack and Elliot remained healthy. Amy went on different antibiotic drops for her eye and started to get a recurring fever. Enter the Ear Infection.

Amy got treated with some oral antibiotics and seemed to get better. Both children healthy for a bit, Greg’s sinuses got wacky and I continued to cough. A lot. Then I picked up the eye infection. More drops.

Last week we went to Nelson, and all four of us seemed healthy, finally. I realized on the second night there that I was hardly coughing at all. It only took a month.

The last night we were in Nelson I started to feel a cold coming on again. I thought maybe I was just overtired, but no such luck. Felt like crap for three days, and then the cough returned. At least it’s not as bad as the first one.

Then Amy woke up yesterday with a high fever and she was very lethargic. I took her to the clinic last night, and sure enough another ear infection. And Elliot’s daycare called today to inform us that he had an eye issue. I took him to the clinic and the doctor there didn’t even bother swabbing his eye, she just gave me some antibiotic drops and sent us on our way.

Elliot was also complaining of a sore throat all day today.

I’m done. No more, please. At least not until the winter.

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