travel time

Elliot and I are going to visit some family on the Sunshine Coast for the Labour Day weekend. We’ll be gone for four days, and during that time, if all goes well (and we’re taking ferries on a long weekend, so you can bet that all will NOT go well…), we’ll be spending about seven hours driving, four hours on four different ferries, and about three hours waiting at ferry terminals.

Don’t ask me why I calculate these things. Seriously, don’t ask me. I don’t know.

my day so far

I dragged my butt out of bed at 6:04 to go for a run. Seven minutes into the run I fell. Hard. Knee bleeding, elbow, palm and ego bruised. I considered going home but needed to give Yoshi some exercise, so I thought I’d walk for a bit. I was eventually able to continue my run.

Then Elliot had an emotional breakdown after we asked him not to throw things at the breakfast table. He ended up flopping on the floor, asking to be picked up, but I requested he stand before I pick him up. He just continued to flop about on the floor like his legs wouldn’t work. I almost lost my patience but managed to hold it in check. Fifteen minutes later he finally stood up and I picked him up.

Elliot’s drop off was a bit difficult, especially when he realized I’d forgotten his water bottle at home. We got through it without tears, though.

While driving Greg to work I realized I’d forgotten my wallet at home. Thankfully I remembered before I dropped Greg off, because otherwise I’d have been stranded in the parking lot with no way to pay.

Then I got to the office and realized I’d forgotten my laptop in the car. Had to go back and get it.

It all could have been worse, but still…the day is kind of sucking so far.

being a parent sure can suck

Through the last few months of Elliot’s less-than-desirable behaviour, I’ve said numerous times (both to myself and to others) that I’m glad none of this stuff is happening at daycare. It’s been reassuring to me that he saves his worst behaviour for me and Greg.

Today at daycare pickup I found out the line’s been crossed. Sandra, one of his caregivers, flagged me down to tell me that Elliot’s been behaving badly recently. Hitting, kicking, baby talk and screaming. It sounded all too familiar. My stomach sank as she described his last two days at daycare.

I found it very awkward to talk about when he was standing right there, which she understood, so we have a meeting tomorrow morning to talk about it more. But in the meantime I feel like shit. There are a few thoughts running around in my mind…maybe there’s actually something wrong with him developmentally…I don’t want his caregivers to stop liking him…what the hell will we do if he gets kicked out of daycare?…how are we going to fix this?

I’m hoping that Sandra will have some useful advice for us. I’m not sure what to expect out of this meeting, except that I want to feel better than I do right now. And I want to have a game plan of some kind.

I talked to my sister about this tonight, and the first thing she said to me is that Elliot IS a sweet child, and this is a behavioural issue. I have to remember that. I also have to remember that we’re not in this alone. There are plenty of resources out there to help us if needed.

The icing on the cake was after a perfectly good bedtime this evening, he asked for something that was in Amy’s room. I told him I couldn’t get it for him because Amy was already asleep. He proceeded to throw two cars that he had in bed with him. So I took them out of the room. He then threw his soother. I picked it up, gave it to him, and told him if he threw it again he’d lose it for the night. He looked me straight in the eye and dropped it on the floor. I picked it up and left the room. That was over an hour ago. I’ve just spent the last hour plus listening to him cry out for his soother. He’s apologized for throwing it, he’s pleaded, he’s screamed and I think he probably threw something else when I wasn’t in the room. I lay down with him for a few more minutes just now and then told him I was going to bed too, and I haven’t heard from him since.

Probably not my best parenting decision, taking it away from him (this will be the first night he’s EVER slept without it), but once I took it away I felt like I had to stick to my guns. But I wonder if any of it gets through to him.

I hope it does soon. I’m feeling quite helpless.

because i haven’t complained enough on twitter

We now have enough prescription and non-prescription drugs in this house to open our own pharmacy.

Let me see…it started in late June with all of us getting colds. Elliot bounced back pretty quickly, Amy got an eye infection that they thought was pink eye, and Greg and I coughed up a few lungs.

Amy’s eye infection turned out to be H. flu. It went away and came back the following week. Greg and I continued to hack and Elliot remained healthy. Amy went on different antibiotic drops for her eye and started to get a recurring fever. Enter the Ear Infection.

Amy got treated with some oral antibiotics and seemed to get better. Both children healthy for a bit, Greg’s sinuses got wacky and I continued to cough. A lot. Then I picked up the eye infection. More drops.

Last week we went to Nelson, and all four of us seemed healthy, finally. I realized on the second night there that I was hardly coughing at all. It only took a month.

The last night we were in Nelson I started to feel a cold coming on again. I thought maybe I was just overtired, but no such luck. Felt like crap for three days, and then the cough returned. At least it’s not as bad as the first one.

Then Amy woke up yesterday with a high fever and she was very lethargic. I took her to the clinic last night, and sure enough another ear infection. And Elliot’s daycare called today to inform us that he had an eye issue. I took him to the clinic and the doctor there didn’t even bother swabbing his eye, she just gave me some antibiotic drops and sent us on our way.

Elliot was also complaining of a sore throat all day today.

I’m done. No more, please. At least not until the winter.