today, i exercised

I halfheartedly tried to break my running date with kaptaink this afternoon, but she was my conscience and got me out there. We decided to run around Cedar Hill golf course. We finished up a lap, and were both feeling pretty good, so we went around again. We didn’t run the whole second lap, but I’m pretty sure we did at least 5 km. Longest I’ve run for a while.

Upon arriving home, I basically turned around and went out the door again, pushing my 20-pound toddler in her 10-pound stroller for a half hour walk with Yoshi.

When I squatted down to grab something off the floor this evening, there was a moment where I thought I wasn’t going to make it back up again. My legs are certainly feeling it.


I was at a fair today and did not eat mini donuts. Although I did have a cheeseburger with lots of fried onions, and there is half a dozen Krispy Kremes sitting in our fridge right now. Both these things could have been factors in my decision not to buy mini donuts.

Still, it’s somewhat shocking.