this has not been a good day

I woke up with a headache. Not as bad as the three previous ones I have had this month, but still bad enough to make me dread the day.

Then Amy had a blow out. Something is not right with her. She had a fever on the weekend and now she’s got some pretty bad runs. Thankfully she’s eating and drinking, so that is at least encouraging. Thankfully Greg took care of the first blow out. He unfortunately wasn’t around for the second, where there was crap all the way up her back and into her ear. Yes, her ear. Thank goodness we have a hand held shower head.

Amy is having her third nap of the day, and I’ve retreated to the basement to blog so I don’t throttle my other child. Where do I start? He has resisted peeing all day, yet his underwear is wet and he obviously needs to go. He pooped in his underwear for the first time in months (although I think it was totally unexpected for him, and we cleaned it up pretty easily).

We’ve gone through five pairs of underwear today. I told him we had to pee before we left for the park, and through the screams he made his way to the toilet, started peeing and then purposefully decided to pee all over the floor. I yelled. Not proud of myself for that one. Then there was the fight over washing hands.

Then at the park he wouldn’t stop throwing sand, so we left. A meltdown ensued (no surprise). I plunked him in the wagon and he booted Amy. So I plunked him on the concrete. We eventually made it home, where we had another fight to pee.

I don’t know whether to just continue letting him pee his pants a bit or go through the fight of getting him to the toilet. It was fine when the wet spot was the size of a loonie, but it’s now the size of a pancake almost every time we pee.

It’s just hard. And he just came down and hit me. It’s because I’m not paying attention to him, but like I said, I just want to throttle him. And when he laughs when I reprimand him, it just makes it worse.


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