this has not been a good day

I woke up with a headache. Not as bad as the three previous ones I have had this month, but still bad enough to make me dread the day.

Then Amy had a blow out. Something is not right with her. She had a fever on the weekend and now she’s got some pretty bad runs. Thankfully she’s eating and drinking, so that is at least encouraging. Thankfully Greg took care of the first blow out. He unfortunately wasn’t around for the second, where there was crap all the way up her back and into her ear. Yes, her ear. Thank goodness we have a hand held shower head.

Amy is having her third nap of the day, and I’ve retreated to the basement to blog so I don’t throttle my other child. Where do I start? He has resisted peeing all day, yet his underwear is wet and he obviously needs to go. He pooped in his underwear for the first time in months (although I think it was totally unexpected for him, and we cleaned it up pretty easily).

We’ve gone through five pairs of underwear today. I told him we had to pee before we left for the park, and through the screams he made his way to the toilet, started peeing and then purposefully decided to pee all over the floor. I yelled. Not proud of myself for that one. Then there was the fight over washing hands.

Then at the park he wouldn’t stop throwing sand, so we left. A meltdown ensued (no surprise). I plunked him in the wagon and he booted Amy. So I plunked him on the concrete. We eventually made it home, where we had another fight to pee.

I don’t know whether to just continue letting him pee his pants a bit or go through the fight of getting him to the toilet. It was fine when the wet spot was the size of a loonie, but it’s now the size of a pancake almost every time we pee.

It’s just hard. And he just came down and hit me. It’s because I’m not paying attention to him, but like I said, I just want to throttle him. And when he laughs when I reprimand him, it just makes it worse.


door to door in 120 minutes

Elliot and I took the bus home today. While environmentally conscientious, it’s certainly not the quickest way home. Although, things would have been a bit more streamlined sans child.

The trip home was a multi-step process:

Step 1: Catch bus from downtown to Elliot’s daycare. This was easy and I timed it well.

Step 2: Figure out what bus stop to get off at, and then proceed to get off.

Step 3: Find Elliot. I thought he’d be outside, but I couldn’t see him playing. So I went inside. He wasn’t in his classroom or the “pickup” classroom. So back outside it was, and I found him second time round. He was wearing a bright orange short, so not sure why I didn’t see him the first time.

Step 4: Walk to bus stop. Slowly.

Step 5: While waiting for bus, respond to Elliot’s “I’m thirsty” and “I’m hungry” pleas. Greg and I are expert parents now and we have learned to come prepared for these pleas, or there will be hell to pay. I was able to provide water and snacks.

Step 6: Get on bus. Unfortunately it was the milk run, but I didn’t feel like waiting 15 minutes for the next bus. So we got to go back downtown and then we were treated to a scenic trip through Saxe Point.

Step 7: Figure out what bus stop to get off at, and then proceed to get off.

Step 8: Carry Elliot “until that pole”. I made a mental note to bring a backpack next time so I don’t have to juggle five things and carry a 40 lb child.

Step 9: Discover that your child has a much better sense of direction than his mother as he immediately requests to go to the “Library” Park. He’s been to this park maybe ten times over the past three years, and can’t see it from where we are walking. Yet he knows it’s close. I agree to go to park.

Step 10: Play at park. This was no big chore since it was such a beautiful day.

Step 11: We call it the Library Park for good reason…it’s right by the library. Consider Elliot’s request to go in a get a library book. Sure, why not.

Step 12: Trip to bathroom. Unfortunately we didn’t avert a minor accident, but thankfully Elliot doesn’t mind walking around in wet underwear.

Step 13: Pick out book. Elliot was more interested in toys, so I picked out the book. Halfway through my selection process Elliot announces he has to poop. Based on the smell in the vicinity, I check his pants to make sure he didn’t already. Thankfully just gas. He decides he’ll wait to get home to poop.

Step 14: Attempt to use automatic checkout to take out book. Computer Science graduate can’t figure it out so we go to main checkout desk.

Step 15: Leave library, head for home. Have to walk through the “Boat” Park, Elliot’s favourite park. I agree to do five underducks.

Step 16: With the five underducks complete, we head for home. I have to carry Elliot up a very large hill. I make a second mental note to bring a backpack.

Step 17: Elliot finds newfound energy and races for home with about 100 m left.

Step 18: I arrive home a few seconds later…almost two hours after I left work.

But it was sunny, I spent that whole time with Elliot, and dinner was ready when we got home.

rejoining the rat race

I’ve just finished my second day back at work. Two days down, thousands to go. There were ups and downs. Getting out of the house was a bit stressful for me, but for no real reason. It actually went pretty smoothly. I think I was just out of practise.

Elliot’s drop-off on Monday was pretty seamless and Greg did Amy’s, which involved a few tears, but not many. I was met getting off the elevator at work by my two bosses and a friend, all of them with hugs. Everyone had warm hellos for me, and on my desk there was a bouquet of flowers, four framed pictures of my kids and a gift bag filled with goodies and a new mug. Plus a co-worker had baked a bunch of goodies in my honour. I couldn’t have felt more welcome.

Dinner Monday was a bit hectic, but we managed to get through it (through cries of “Mum, play with me”), got the kids bathed, lunches ready, and Greg and I even managed to watch an hour of TV.

Elliot’s drop-off today was again fine, and I did Amy’s as well. That one wasn’t fine. I walked down the driveway hearing her screams fade. I called once I was at work and she’d calmed down a bit, but it took her an hour before she was herself again.

Dinner tonight went a lot more smoothly, probably because Elliot played outside and Amy was in a much better mood then the previous evening. She’s definitely on the mend from her cold.

Work is a bit slow as we’re waiting for some contracts to get signed, but I’m muddling my way through. I know things will pick up eventually. It feels both strange and familiar to be there. There are four new people (which is a lot when you only work in an office of 15 people), and they’ve been there for a while so they’ve established relationships with the people I already know. I’m sitting at my same desk with my same podmates, which is great.

I went for a walk on Monday at lunch at saw a few mums with strollers. I felt a twinge of something, but it didn’t last long. I am definitely ready to be back at work, I am just looking forward to it feeling normal again.

I’m thankful that my return will be so gradual, mostly because the kids aren’t plunged into four days of daycare a week. And it’s nice for me as well, to get back into the work thing slowly.

Our evenings won’t be as relaxed as we try to get everything ready for the next day, and it’s making me think about what day I’ll take off when I do go back four days a week. I was originally thinking of taking Fridays off, but I’m wondering if Wednesdays would be better. Then the kids get a midweek break from daycare and Greg and I get a break from frantic evenings. I might try it that way and see how it goes.

Speaking of frantic evenings…I’m going to end this now so I can spend some of this evening relaxing with my husband. After I do our menu plan, of course.

and she breathes a sigh of relief

I’ve just had the kind of day that makes me glad I’m going back to work. Amy has a cold and didn’t sleep all day, and Elliot was a bear. Probably in part because Amy didn’t sleep — I wasn’t able to spend any one-on-one time with him.

He kicked, he hit, he threw toys and he generally didn’t listen.

One plus to the day was we went to Hillside and got one of those double car strollers for the first time, and both kids loved it.

Actually, in hindsight it was just the afternoon that sucked. The morning was fine. And now they are both asleep, so the evening is going fine as well.