you have to be quick, and lucky

I got a voice message today from one of the daycares Amy and Elliot are waitlisted for. The message said there was a spot for Amy and I should call back as soon as possible as she was going to call multiple parents about the spot. Elliot already has a spot elsewhere and Amy will likely get in the same place soon, so I don’t need the spot, but I called her back to take the kids off their list.

Out of curiosity, I asked about their policy of calling multiple parents, and how they determined who got the spot. She said it was whatever parent called back first. I was shocked. Elliot has been on that list for over two years, and Amy for over a year. What is the point of a list if they are going to make it a free-for-all? Sure, it’s a free-for-all for a small subset of people, but it’s still not fair.

I understand they want to fill the spot quickly, but with the daycare shortage I know they aren’t having trouble filling spots. They should at least give people 24 hours to get back to them.

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