he’s still having a love affair with his mike stand

Greg and I went to the Collective Soul concert Saturday night at the River Rock Theatre in Richmond. It was good (parts of it great) but I don’t think it was worth the $75 we paid for each ticket. That’s probably a sign of age…not wanting to spend money like that.

It’s the second time I’ve seen them, and the first time I was quite put off by lead singer Ed Roland. He seemed very full of himself. But I love their music, so I went again. This time I was prepared for his ego, and he didn’t seem nearly as bad, aside from his relationship with his mike stand.

The problem with seeing my favourite bands live is they don’t play the songs I want to hear. They play the crowd favourites and singles from the radio. I have all of CS’s albums and I know their songs well. And my favourites are unfortunately not their crowd favourites. There were a couple of exceptions, but when it was over I felt a bit deflated.

On the other hand, one definite highlight was they played three songs from their new, yet-to-be-released album. I liked all three of them, and it was nice to get a taste before the album comes out.

So that’s probably the last time I’ll see them live, but I’ll continue to be a big fan. And it was nice to have a night out with my hubby.