the dreams have started

I am a nervous flyer. I think a plane crash would be a horrible way to die. Yes, there are thousands of horrible ways to die, but that’s beside the point. And yes, I know the chances of being in a plane crash are minute, but who said phobias are rational?

So the upcoming 14-hour flight to NZ has me concerned. That’s a lot of time to be thinking about crashing, and if we did crash, it would be over water at nighttime. So we’d crash, and we’d be in the ocean, freezing, and it’d be dark. Yes, we’d be dead, but back to that rational thing…

The dreams started two nights ago. They always appear at some point before I fly. Two nights ago the dream was about a plane crash, but we weren’t in the plane. We just watched it crash. Not reassuring.

They aren’t always bad, though. Last night the dream involved us being in the plane, and the plane was never more than a couple of hundred feet in the air. When I asked the pilot why we were flying so low, he said being close to the meadow helped us go faster.

The plane also had what seemed like an unfinished basement, and we could go down there and play hockey and basketball. This was good for Elliot. A friend of mine who loves holding babies was also on the plane, and she held Amy almost the whole time. A very bizarre dream, but not scary.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever dreamt about us actually crashing. I think there’s something (thankfully) in my psyche that prevents me from dreaming that dream. Although, now that I’ve said that, I’ve probably jinxed myself.

three teas, 172 pages and $800 later…

As I told Greg this morning, there was nothing about today that I wasn’t looking forward to. We arranged for all-day babysitters (Gramma and Auntie) for the kids, and we headed over to Ikea for a shopping spree. It was the first time Greg and I have spent that much time together, alone, not sleeping, since Amy was born.

We stopped for a chai, a coffee and two breakfast sandwiches before we hit the highway, then it was on to the ferry for over an hour of uninterrupted reading of a great book (after a quick and somewhat unimpressive tour of the Coastal Celebration).

We got to Ikea soon after they opened so it was pretty quiet for about an hour. We found everything we were looking for (and then some), even the items their website said were not in stock. We were prepared to go to Coquitlam as well, but didn’t need to.

After shopping we had a yummy Swedish meatball lunch, paid for our goods and then loaded the truck in the POURING rain, after cleaning up the puke Yoshi had left for us in the truck. It could have been worse — it could have come out the other end.

We ended up driving up and down Bridgeport Road looking for covered parking so we could finish up tarping our goods out of the POURING rain, and we were successful in that endeavor. Our boxes got a bit wet, but the furniture didn’t.

We arrived in Tsawwassen in plenty of time for the 3:00 ferry, after literally getting run off the highway by some idiot trying to cross two lanes of traffic at 80 km/h right beside us.

We enjoyed another hour or so of uninterrupted reading, and on the way home in the POURING rain we picked up some Thai food and joined the kids, Gramma and Auntie for dinner. The kids were in a great mood (Elliot’s first words to me were “I had fun!!”), and bedtime was a breeze.

Now back to my book.

it’s like when you cancel your cable

I decided not to renew my Chatelaine subscription, after having it for a number of years, because I no longer enjoy the magazine that much. It’s changed over the years and there is too much fashion and home decor content, which I’m not interested in. Not at this point, anyway.

I’ve been told three months in a row now that this is my LAST issue and I better renew SOON. Then last month I received my VERY LAST issue.

Another issue arrived today.

the only way out is to eat it…all of it

There is a lot of chocolate in this house. And cookies. It would scare me if I actually counted the pounds of sugar I’ve eaten in the past two weeks. And it doesn’t help that I haven’t run since the beginning of November.

This wouldn’t bother me as much if I weren’t heading to a warmer climate in three weeks. A climate where I’ll be wearing a bathing suit.

Perhaps I’ll go for a run tomorrow. Because not eating the chocolate is not a viable option.