lox-flavoured cream cheese, ham and dijonnaise

I purposely didn’t blog yesterday because I’m OCD enough that I thought it might lead into a whole how-long-can-I-keep-this-daily-posting-going thing, which would just stress me out. I even googled “world record blogging”, which wasn’t too helpful, but I was curious.

However, I actually enjoyed posting every day (except the one time I forgot and had to get out of my warm bed), so I’m going to try to post more often. I’ve discovered that I can usually come up with something to say, and this move has certainly provided some content ideas. Plus, three of my readers have voiced how they will miss my daily posts, and since that’s probably half my readership, I may as well listen to them. Although I’ll have to ask them again in a month if they’d still miss me if I disappeared into the ether.

So…on with today’s post. Today I took Yoshi for a neighbourhood walk with Amy in the backpack. I wanted to check out Highrock Park (also referred to as Cairn Park).

My first nice surprise was how warm it was out. The thermometer outside our house read a balmy 17 degrees. I actually took of my jacket before I even left the house.

My second nice surprise was the park. Wow, Esquimalt is good to it’s dog-owning residents. Highrock is an off-leash park, and it was beautiful. It’s small (just under 12 acres), but there is a path to the top of a hill (elevation about 235 feet) that provides a 360 degree view of Greater Victoria. The link above provides some pictures that give you some idea of the view.

Most of the paths are paved, so very stroller-friendly, but there are lots of side paths with little rock outcrops that Elliot will have lots of climbing over. And there’s a big open field as well.

My third nice surprise was how close the park is to the house. I had walked to an entrance that was about a kilometre from the house, but as I explored the park I realized there were multiple entrances, one that is just a couple of blocks from our house.

I’m thinking I won’t miss Macaulay Point quite as much as I thought I would.

Oh, and the title of this post has nothing to do with the content. It’s just the ingredients to a bagel sandwich that I made for Greg tonight for dinner. We walked down to “town” tonight to watch the Esquimalt Christmas parade, so we did sandwiches for dinner. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I made his.