the looooooooong afternoons

I’m still struggling with this no-nap thing with Elliot. It feels like I have NO time during the day to myself. Oh wait, I don’t! It’s just hard to get used to.

We have been trying quiet time, and sometimes it works, but usually he just keeps calling for me. I tell him I won’t come in again, but then he screams and Amy wakes up and then I’ve got two kids awake and grumpy.

Last night Greg suggested using a timer, which I thought was a good idea. Elliot got in his crib (he always starts his quiet time willingly) and I told him I’d start the timer, and when he heard the beep, he could call for me. I left, and he called me back, needing something or other. I went in and again explained to him the concept of the timer.

I went downstairs to make a hot chocolate, and with the milk steamer going I could hear him calling for me, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. I ignored him. When the milk was done, I turned off the steamer. Then I heard “I need to poo!!!” And he doesn’t joke about this subject. So I ran upstairs, and he’d already pooped in his underwear. A BIG one. It was lovely.

So much for quiet time.