it’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas

The previous owner of this house had art and photographs everywhere, which we saw when we viewed the house. When he moved out, he left EVERY nail and picture hanger in the wall. So our walls are riddled with picture hanging hardware. We haven’t done anything about it yet, because well, things like being able to walk from the back door to the office and being able to cook meals have taken precedence.

We just got our meagre set of Christmas decorations out, and most of them are hanging things. So we went around and randomly hung things on nails that were just waiting for things to be hung on them.

The end result? The walls are still looking mighty bare, but it looks more festive in here. Tomorrow we’ll put the tree up, and that will fill things up a bit.

If anyone’s looking for gift ideas for us…we apparently need some more Christmas decor. 😉