tomorrow’s going to be a bit more about elliot

Had another so-so day today. Didn’t help that Amy had diarrhea three times. Thankfully she’s still in diapers. Elliot watched about four hours of TV today…that’s basically how we got through the day. I’m so tired that I’m wondering if I’m coming down with whatever bug the kids have.

But I still went out for ladies night. It was just me and K, but it was nice to be out of the house, away from kids, away from all the unpacking, and with a good friend.

I realized that Elliot is probably going through a lot of emotions too, and I’m really not giving him the time he deserves. So tomorrow I’m going to try to focus on him a bit (no, a lot) more. Screw the house.

Now I’m off to bed. Tomorrow’s a new day.

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