there are too many things to do

Elliot is having a four-day sleep over with his Gramma, and Amy is napping right now. I have so much that I want to do that I’m incapable of figuring out what I should start with. Not to mention the couch and a cup of tea look mighty inviting.

Perhaps I’ll go the couch route and spend some time making a list…because I’ll be faced with this decision every time Amy naps for the next four days.

Not that I’m complaining.

the looooooooong afternoons

I’m still struggling with this no-nap thing with Elliot. It feels like I have NO time during the day to myself. Oh wait, I don’t! It’s just hard to get used to.

We have been trying quiet time, and sometimes it works, but usually he just keeps calling for me. I tell him I won’t come in again, but then he screams and Amy wakes up and then I’ve got two kids awake and grumpy.

Last night Greg suggested using a timer, which I thought was a good idea. Elliot got in his crib (he always starts his quiet time willingly) and I told him I’d start the timer, and when he heard the beep, he could call for me. I left, and he called me back, needing something or other. I went in and again explained to him the concept of the timer.

I went downstairs to make a hot chocolate, and with the milk steamer going I could hear him calling for me, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. I ignored him. When the milk was done, I turned off the steamer. Then I heard “I need to poo!!!” And he doesn’t joke about this subject. So I ran upstairs, and he’d already pooped in his underwear. A BIG one. It was lovely.

So much for quiet time.

he’s making it hard to forget

We’ve been having some problems with our landlord getting our damage deposit back (long story), and Greg has kindly agreed to take care of it so that I don’t have to worry about it. That unfortunately is not how I work, much as I would like to change that about myself, so while Greg is taking care of it, I’m definitely still worried about it.

It doesn’t help that my son is running around all day with his Fisher Price phone pretending to talk to Andy, who is our “property manager” (and yes, I’m using those quotes correctly). Every time I manage to forget about the issue, he runs into the room telling me he’s talking to Andy.

It’d be funny if it weren’t so stressful.

it’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas

The previous owner of this house had art and photographs everywhere, which we saw when we viewed the house. When he moved out, he left EVERY nail and picture hanger in the wall. So our walls are riddled with picture hanging hardware. We haven’t done anything about it yet, because well, things like being able to walk from the back door to the office and being able to cook meals have taken precedence.

We just got our meagre set of Christmas decorations out, and most of them are hanging things. So we went around and randomly hung things on nails that were just waiting for things to be hung on them.

The end result? The walls are still looking mighty bare, but it looks more festive in here. Tomorrow we’ll put the tree up, and that will fill things up a bit.

If anyone’s looking for gift ideas for us…we apparently need some more Christmas decor. 😉

at least now i know it’s my dirt

This house wasn’t very clean when we moved in. It could have been worse, but it could have been a lot better. Our cleaning lady came today and gave the stove, countertops, bathroom and floors a good scrubbing. The stove especially looks a lot better.

The kitchen cupboards still need a good cleaning and some shelf paper (the shelves are pretty gross) and some of the upstairs closets need a clean, but it’s a lot better.

Now…we just need to start wading through what is our basement, but what looks like a storage locker gone wild.

just a tad embarrassing

I had yoga this morning with Amy, and before I walked down to the rec centre, I took Yoshi for a walk around the block. I dropped him at home, and then went on my way.

As we started the class, we were all commenting that it smelled pretty bad in the room. We were all doing the universal bum sniff on our babies, checking for poop. We figured maybe one of the babies had gas. I did wonder if it was one of the mums not owning up, but whatever. I’d probably do the same thing in their position.

It wasn’t going away, and one of the mums mentioned that the bathroom right behind the room we were in had a really rank diaper in the garbage, and perhaps it was wafting in.

We continued, occasionally commenting about the smell.

Amy started to really fuss so I decided to nurse her. I went over to a couch to sit down, and my stroller was parked right in front of the couch. As I was zoning out I happened to glance in the bottom of the stroller. And saw the white bag. Filled with dog shit. That I had forgotten to throw in the garbage.

I briefly wondered if I could get it out of there with no one knowing, but I decided to own up. My face was red as a beet, but we all got a good laugh.

nothing that a little Christmas music won’t fix

So yesterday wasn’t about Elliot, it was more about me. I woke up feeling terrible (managed to catch whatever the kids had), and Greg ended up staying home from work to take care of the kids. I was able to sleep for about three hours during the day, and laid low for most of the rest of it. Thank goodness for caring husbands with flexible jobs.

I’m feeling much better physically today, but woke up still feeling a bit blue. But I just spent the last hour hanging out with Amy and listening to Christmas music. My house may not look anything like Christmas, but it sounds like it! It improved my mood.

Greg and Elliot put the outside lights up yesterday, and I hope we can get a tree up in the next few days.

I unfortunately missed my office Christmas party last night due to being sick, which was disappointing. But hopefully this means I won’t be sick at Christmas.

tomorrow’s going to be a bit more about elliot

Had another so-so day today. Didn’t help that Amy had diarrhea three times. Thankfully she’s still in diapers. Elliot watched about four hours of TV today…that’s basically how we got through the day. I’m so tired that I’m wondering if I’m coming down with whatever bug the kids have.

But I still went out for ladies night. It was just me and K, but it was nice to be out of the house, away from kids, away from all the unpacking, and with a good friend.

I realized that Elliot is probably going through a lot of emotions too, and I’m really not giving him the time he deserves. So tomorrow I’m going to try to focus on him a bit (no, a lot) more. Screw the house.

Now I’m off to bed. Tomorrow’s a new day.

some days i can cut him some slack, some days i can’t

It wasn’t a great day. I just didn’t seem to have any patience with Elliot, and that makes me feel crappy. Sure we’ve just moved, sure I’m feeling emotional about that, sure our house is a bit of a disaster, sure I’m tired, but it’s no excuse. I wish I could parent to my full abilities all the time. But in the moment, it doesn’t happen. Today I just felt angry whenever he cried, stalled, whined, didn’t listen, etc. And lately I feel like every second sentence is of the form: “If you keep [insert behaviour I don’t like], [insert consequence] will happen.”

And as I write this, he’s crying as Greg tries to get through the bedtime routine. I feel like crying myself.

This no napping thing isn’t helping, but when he naps he’s up until 9:30 or 10:00, which does NOT work for me.

Tonight I’m supposed to go for my run, but it’s the last thing I feel like doing.