i’m writing this on my knees

There could be all sorts of titles for this blog post:

– then there’s the unpacking
– thank god i don’t have to post every day any more
– i need a light over my kitchen sink
– i need more drawers in my kitchen
– i need a bigger fridge
– it’s a lot quieter than Lampson street

You get the picture. I chose the one above because that’s my excuse for keeping this short. My 37-year-old knees won’t take a long post. I could also give a bunch of other excuses for keeping this short, but I won’t.

We slept in the new house last night for the first time, on clean sheets (sometimes I am on the ball). Amy was here too, and Elliot was still at Gramma’s. We all slept well, but the night went by too quickly. We needed some more down time!

I had an easier day today because I had Amy so I couldn’t do a lot, but Greg worked like a dog for about…well, 12 hours and counting, as he’s still at it.

One highlight of the day was our next door neighbors coming over to deliver some fresh-baked cookies and to welcome us. That’s never happened to me, and I almost started crying right in front of them. Because this house doesn’t feel like our home yet, and it won’t for a while, but if things like that keep happening then it won’t take long!

The other highlight was when I went to phone to order pizza. There was a message from a friend, offering us a home-cooked meal. All we had to do was go get it. Butter chicken and rice, and oh, was it ever good. We were so thankful. Again with the “this doesn’t feel like home” theme, the home cooking was such a better option than pizza. It was our first family dinner in the new house, and it felt special.

I said goodbye to the old house today with tears in my eyes. I went through each empty room and paused in the office (which was Elliot’s first room) and the kids’ room. Such a lot of wonderful memories. I had another pang of sadness as I was putting Elliot to bed tonight, thinking of all the times I’ve put him to bed in the old house. I know I will feel more at home soon, I go through this with every move, but it’s hard for right now.

I’m signing off. My knees hurt and there is a freakin’ mess waiting for me to wade through.

Here’s to a new beginning…a fitting end for my final NaBloPoMo post.

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