moving day

The movers are coming in 2.5 hours. I packed my tea thinking that I wouldn’t want a cup this morning, but I’m regretting it. A trip to Serious Coffee might be in order.

Amy woke up for a bit but is now back asleep, so we may be able to get some stuff done this morning.

My back is very sore and stiff and I’m wishing I had a better capacity for remembering my yoga poses. Although I’m not sure I’d take the time to do them this morning, even if I did remember them. I have a massage booked for Tuesday night, so I’ll get fixed up then.

I’m hoping we have a network connection tomorrow, because it’d really suck to miss the last day of NaBloPoMo because of technical difficulties. We’re leaching off of someone else’s connection this morning.

Over and out.

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