parenting two kids

Yesterday wasn’t my best day as a mother. I’m going to blame the fact that we’re moving in two days and I was trying to get stuff done while caring for two kids. This was frustrating me, and I took it out on the kids a couple of times. Well, let’s be honest here, I took it out on Elliot. Although Amy got a piece of it when I dropped a hard plastic toy on her head while I was trying to stop Elliot from pulling said toy away from her.

Anyway, the day is over, we survived and today’s going much better. Gramma is here so I was able to go to preschool with Elliot, sans Amy, which was nice for Elliot and me. Then we did a couple of errands and it was so easy just having one child.

Up until now, parenting two kids has been busy, but not very difficult from a how-to-handle-this perspective. Amy hasn’t been moving, and Elliot’s been pretty amazing with her. But now Amy is starting to get into things. She’s grabby, she pulls hair, she takes toys, and she (heaven forbid) touches Elliot. I’m already finding it difficult to mediate, and she isn’t even crawling yet. Yes, she’s too young to understand, but I don’t want her to wreak havoc on Elliot’s life.

I was thinking it’d be easier once they have two rooms, but that will only work if Elliot plays in his room on his own while Amy and I hang out in her room. That’s not a lot of fun for Elliot. Although I think I will instate the rule that toys he doesn’t want Amy to play with should stay in his room, and I can help ensure Amy doesn’t get into them.

As with everything so far, I supposed I’ll adapt to the upcoming changes. It’s never going to stop, this need to adapt. Not for a long time, anyway!

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