stainless steel would never work for me

I cleared the fridge this afternoon. For the past 15 years, my fridge has been an ever-changing photo album, always with pictures of people and dogs. A university roommate inspired me, and I’ve continued the tradition. I love it.

I love how when visitors come into my kitchen, they stop in front of the fridge, look, comment and ask questions. Many ask who people are, some ask why they haven’t made it to my fridge yet. 🙂

I love how every time I open the fridge, I see a face of someone I love.

I love how Elliot is now aware of the pictures and often asks to be picked up so he can look at them. We name our family members and friends.

I love the push pin-styled magnets that Greg got me for Christmas for two years running, making it so easy to move pictures around.

It’s a changing masterpiece. Whenever the mood strikes, I reorganize, get rid of old photos, make way for new ones, move some around. There are a few that never leave. Like the pictures of Barkley, Digger and Yoshi that are framed by dog-themed magnets. And the beautiful picture of my mother at my brother’s 1989 wedding. And the picture of my father when he was in his late teens.

I try to always have at least one picture of a few people: my son, my daughter, my goddaughter, my nephew. The rest are picked based on what pictures haven’t made it to my scrapbook, what Christmas pictures friends have sent, and what pictures I just plain love. I rarely print a picture specifically for the fridge. They just sort of appear. And there is never a shortage. I often wish I had a larger fridge.

Doing the fridge in the new house will be one of the first things I do, as it’ll be a big step toward making the new house feel like our home.