how’s the packing going?

Lots of people have been asking me this question. My answer is that I’m not sure! Our garage is almost full of packed boxes, but the house still looks lived in.

I haven’t packed any of the kids’ clothes and only a small portion of their toys. Our kitchen is down to the bare minimum, but I suspect there’s at least an evening’s worth of packing there still. We’ve done nothing in the yard, and we have to take a fence down, clean up some garbage, and empty a bunch of flower pots. There’s also the question of the composter — i.e., what to do with it.

I’ve packed some of my clothes, but the closet still looks full. We’ve packed all our books, CDs and DVDs, but that was easy. The sunroom needs a bit more attention. The bathroom still has at least one box worth of stuff in it, maybe two. The office is maybe half done — none of the computer equipment has been disassembled.

We have a dump trip to make and at least one trip to Value Village. The basement still needs some work, but it’s hard to tell how much. The fridge and freezer contents will need to be moved, but we’re slowly emptying the freezer, so it shouldn’t take too long to pack that stuff.

I think next week will be a busy week.