not quite there yet

It’s been two weeks since I’ve been able to do laundry in my own home. Our washing machine bit the big one, major symptom being water spewing out the back of it. Thankfully the basement has a concrete floor (and thankfully this is not our house).

We had a repair guy in who said it was the transmission, and wasn’t worth fixing. So we arranged to buy my sister-in-law’s extra machine. But that meant waiting a bit for it. The first weekend I went to the laundromat. Efficient but expensive. The next weekend I took six loads of dirty clothes to Nanaimo and spent Thanksgiving Sunday doing laundry.

We arrive home after Thanksgiving with the new washer, and Greg and Jim were pretty quick to install it, thankfully. Tuesday night I’m totally psyched about doing laundry in an almost new machine. I get it started, only to realize the drum is off center and I can’t use it. BUMMER. Greg and Jim didn’t know what was wrong, so I called the repair guy again.

He came this afternoon and got it fixed up for us. Woohoo! I got a load going and Amy and I oohed and aahed about how big the new washer is, how carefully it agitates the clothes, and how quiet it is. Okay, Amy didn’t care, but I was sure excited.

Twenty minutes later I decided to check out how things were going. I got downstairs in time for the rinse water to start draining, just before the spin cycle. I heard an odd sound…a sound of water gushing. Hmmm…not good. I checked out the back of the machine, and sure enough water is spewing out. Not out of the machine this time, but the hose. And yes, you have to wonder at this point how much water is already on the floor from the wash cycle draining.

Can I just say SHIT! at this point? I’m so frustrated. I’m pretty sure it’s just an installation issue, but why didn’t I get the guy to check it while he was here? Now I’ve got a washer full of clothes and water (again), and I’m back to not being able to do laundry.

Do you suppose a third service call from the repair guy would be free?