home sweet home

I don’t think that’s the first time I’ve used that title. I had a great time in Ottawa, but it sure was nice to come home and see my boys.

On our last day, Amy and I headed downtown to the ByWard Market. The quality and quantity of the fresh produce made my mouth water. We ambled around for a couple of hours, then went to the National Gallery.

Unfortunately my timing was bad. Amy was getting pretty tired, and instead of gently falling asleep in the stroller, she screeched and squawked. A lot. In cavernous rooms with nothing but art, security guards and a few tourists who probably wanted some peace and quiet. I saw what I could, but felt too uncomfortable and decided to go. Turned out to be quite an expensive trip. If you go to the National Gallery, don’t park in their parking lot.

Our flight home was early the next day. Amy and I were up by 5:20. This is a case where you don’t do the math as it relates to the time zone you’re moving to. It will just make you tired.

Our flights home were quite good, it just took a while as we had a three hour layover in Calgary. I thankfully had the stroller, but by then I just wanted to be home.

Elliot was happy to see me, and possibly even happier to see Amy. He keeps calling me Daddy. 🙂