can’t beat the weather

Amy and I are just finishing up day three in Ottawa, and we’re having a great time. Yesterday we went up to Meech Lake and spent some time hanging out in the shade and eating while the other members of our party played in the sand and swam. I managed a quick swim at the end of the visit. The wind was a bit cool so it took a bit of cajoling from my sister to get in, but I did it. Once in, the water was fine.

Today we went to the park in the morning, were home for lunch, went to the tennis club for a swim in the afternoon, followed by another visit to a different park, and then to DQ for a blizzard…about an hour before we ate dinner. It was hot today, but not humid at all. The pool felt lovely, and I got Amy into her pink bikini and into the pool for the first time. It was pretty cold, so she just went in up to the top of her legs, but she didn’t cry. It was mostly just a photo op for the bikini, one she likely won’t wear again as it provides little sun coverage.

We had some lamb burgers for dinner, the kids are now asleep, and I’m just enjoying some down time. The heat makes me tired so I’ll probably head to bed early. Tomorrow I’m going into Ottawa to the market and to the National Gallery.

I’ll be posting pictures on the kids’ site when I get home, seeing as the pictures are mostly of Amy.

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