bustin’ out

I’m currently sitting in our office/spare bedroom/room-for-Amy-to-sleep-in-so-that-she-doesn’t-bug-Elliot-and -he-doesn’t-bug-her.

To get in and out of the office chair, we have to suck in our stomachs. And Amy is officially out of her bassinet, which used to be tucked into the corner. Now her playpen is in here, which of course doesn’t fit in the corner. So it’s set up for tonight, perched precariously on the futon until we go to bed, at which time we’ll place it on the floor. Because when it’s on the floor we can’t get to the desk.

There are alternatives. We could just leave Amy in her bedroom all night (she currently sleeps in there until her first wakeup, at which time she moves to the multi-purpose room so she’s not as disruptive to Elliot). But then we have to suffer the consequences of a grouchy slightly-sleep-deprived Elliot. Or we could move the playpen into our bedroom, but there’s not much room in there either, and she’s still kind of a noisy sleeper.

I want a bigger house.