solitary walking

Mondays and Tuesdays are my days without Elliot, and it’s been great having the break. Amy’s still very portable, so we are often out and about for at least part of the day.

Today we took Yoshi for a walk, and Amy fell asleep in the stroller. So it was just me and Yoshi, and I really enjoyed the chance to go at my own pace and essentially have some alone time. My favourite time to think is when I’m walking my dog.

The other aspect of walking alone, without toddlers, husband or friends, is that I pay more attention to the people I meet.

Today I met a man in his fifties who commented on Yoshi. This led to him revealing a childhood memory of him staying with some family friends who had a pointer. He explained it was a very positive memory, as the family friends were a loving family, whereas he had come from (in his words) a very dysfunctional family.

We chatted for a bit, and I left him with a smile on my face, knowing Yoshi had reminded him of a happy time from his past.