what “possesses” them?

My mother has always been a stickler for spelling, grammar and punctuation, and I’ve inherited the trait. I can’t say I’m proud of it, and I apologize now for the nagging my children will certainly hear, but I can’t ignore it.

The two most annoying punctuation errors I see are with the use of quotes and apostrophes on signs. When I see a sign at the Willows Beach cafe that says “Fresh” Salmon or a sign on a furniture store saying “Quality” Furniture, I have to wonder what they are selling.

I usually forgive the errors I see on handmade signs (although Greg will attest to the fact that I still comment on them), but I can’t forgive the professionally made ones. Like the huge sign currently hanging in Cotton Ginny that advertises Capri’s.

And I’m not the only one. I went for an ultrasound recently and there was a spelling mistake on a sign in the bathroom. Someone (obviously a patient) had taken a pen and made a correction to the mistake.

Now, I just hope their are not alot of mistake’s, in this post.

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