So after my bad day yesterday, we had a terrible bedtime that ended up with me in tears, asking my mum (who was visiting) how to deal with the screaming boy who woke up the girl who subsequently started screaming as well.

When they were finally asleep I sank into a hot bath, only to hear “Mama” repeated over and over while I was in the bath. It was softly repeated, but needless to say it was impossible to relax in the tub. Sigh.

Tonight Greg was on deck. I suggested that he not say anything to Elliot about having to be quiet for Amy, since that just revs him up. Greg also did the songs outside of the bedroom. We also lunged Elliot before books (i.e. he ran wildly around the house for 15 minutes).

Amy went to sleep pretty easily. Elliot had his bath, etc. I was downstairs. Elliot came to say good night to me. And I’ll swear, less than five minutes later, Greg walked out of that bedroom. No screaming, no tears, no noise. It was a dream.

Greg’s putting him to bed every night from now on.

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