bad day: part one

So it’s a lot of work getting out of the house with two kids. It’s even more work when you’re going to the beach. There’s the sun screen, the hats, the beach blanket, the beach toys…just generally more stuff. Then there’s the shade issue when you have an under six-month-old who can’t where sunscreen. But Elliot loves the beach, so to the beach we went.

We decided on Esquimalt Lagoon, mostly because I’ve never been there. We got out of the house by 9:30, amazingly, and Amy fell asleep in the carseat on the way there (after screaming bloody murder while I got ready). That was fine, though, as I was hoping she’d just stay asleep in the seat while Elliot played.

We get there, get all the crap beach stuff out of the car, get everything set up, and Amy wakes up crying. And it’s WINDY. Annoyingly windy. Elliot doesn’t want to wear his hat. Amy’s screaming. Life’s great.

Jen arrives with her two charges, and Carys has fallen asleep on the way. I need to feed Amy, so I offer to sit in Jen’s car, feed Amy, and let Carys sleep a bit longer.

I feed Amy, and the boys play while Jen looks on. Things are looking up. Amy seems happier. I get out of the car, go back to the beach, put Amy into her carseat so she can get some shade, and she starts crying again. I am assuming she’s tired, but in hindsight I actually think it was the wind.

Elliot takes his hat off. I tell him he has to put it on, or we are going to go. That will surely work, as Elliot LOVES the beach. “Go home, Mum.” Oh dear. Did I mention how much work it was to get there? “No wear hat, go home.” Okay, so maybe we’ll try the food tactic. It works for all of three minutes. Amy continues to cry.

I look at Jen. She looks at me. Should we go? We make the decision to go back to her place. Complicating the decision is a third friend is supposed to join us…how do we let her know? Neither of us has a phone. Thankfully she showed up before we left, so that solved that issue.

We pack all the stuff back into the car, and I use the term “pack” lightly here. Everything’s covered in sand after our 20 minute stay at the beach.

Both kids are back in the car. Both are not crying. Things are again looking up.

We headed back to Jen’s and had quite a nice visit and play there. Part two of the bad day didn’t start until we got home. Part two will be posted later, after I’ve had a drink. It’s not too early for alcohol, is it?

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