a trip down memory lane

I’m going through Elliot’s old clothes so I can pass them on to a couple of friends, and it’s an interesting process. I can’t say it’s difficult, but I can’t say it’s easy, either. On the one hand, I’m liking the memories that some of the clothing evokes, on the other hand, I’m not liking trying to decide what to keep (or, more accurately, trying to decide what NOT to keep).

There’s the outfit he and Amy both wore home from the hospital:

There’s the first shirt I got for him, before he was born, complete with tiny foxes:

The Sprout shirt from Gran:

The puppy outfit from England, from Auntie Jan:

The first sun hat I got for him (despite how un-masculine it looks):

The shirt and shorts outfit from Gran, fresh from Hawaii:

The fox gear from his beloved daycare provider:

And the fleece coat specially made by Gramma:

And that’s just the first year!

I will keep some stuff, tucked away in a box that I may never look in again. I like the feeling of knowing that I’ve kept some things from his early years. They may not have much meaning to many people, including even Elliot, but they are chock-full of wonderful memories for me.