there seems to be a problem here…

When Greg and I got married I did a bunch of name changing with various organizations, but I never got around to notifying Telus. I kind of forgot about it, but now that so many people have call display, I keep getting reminded that my display name is wrong.

So I’m finally doing something. But I can’t get through to Telus. Yesterday I called their customer service line, and it wouldn’t ring. I finally got a call through, went through a few steps with their automated service, only to be told (by an automated attendant) they are having technical difficulties, and I should call back later.

I just called again, almost 24 hours later, and I got through right away, went through the same few steps, got to the point where I requested a name change, got some hold music, then a dial tone.

Frustrating, and a waste of my time. And unfortunately a name change is not something I can do online. I already tried that.